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Senior Fun Activities and Events in Reno Elder Care

In the retirement center and Reno Elder Care assisted living in Reno, Nevada, we've got a variety of activities that may be tailored to each resident. We are always looking to expand social events and activities for seniors to pay all types of pursuits while making opportunities.

Entertainers Along With Guest Performers

We have a schedule of guest performers and entertainers who come to our facility in Reno, NV to keep our guests entertained. We also organize birthday parties with recreation.

Church Services/Bible Study

Our services are non-denominational. Therefore all our residents are all welcome to pray together. We can assist with all of your religious needs. All the residents are encouraged to join our Bible study classes as well.

Exercise Classes

We think exercise is extremely important for seniors. Exercise also keeps our mind supple and also our body strong. No matter how busy you are, there will be exercise classes to fit your level of skills. These vary from chair-based exercises to Pilates and yoga.

Group Walks in the Park

We're fortunate to have the lovely Park near our facility of assisted living in Reno. We also organize staff walks. It is an excellent opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and exercise on a fine day.

Outings for Shopping

We also conduct a free transport service to a grocery store every Friday morning, depending on medical needs. You're welcome to jump on board or in case you would rather catch a cab or proceed at your convenience with friends and family.

Intergenerational Activities

Spend quality time together with high school or college children. This is a terrific chance to see life with such activities. You can be their mentor, and they can remind you of how lovely it was to be young and carefree.


Everyone enjoys a fantastic game of bingo, and here our Assisted Living In Reno NV, we are no exception. We organize bingo games three times per week. Come and join our Bingo games on Fridays and see if luck is on your way.

Arts & Crafts

Residents at Assisted Living In Reno NV can have a go at a selection of arts and crafts in one of our facilities, such as painting, drawing, and coloring books, etc.


Gardening is a pastime for a lot of our inhabitants. Come and join us and rediscover your greenthumb.

Book Club

Enjoy reading, and want to discuss your own thoughts? If this is so, you can join our residents' book team. We discuss and read novels in a group.

Resident Councils

If you'd like to play a larger role in just how Reno Elder Care operates, join the residents' council and have a say in what we do. Each month our scheduled resident council meets are scheduled. Let us know if you'd like to volunteer at any of our events at Assisted Living in Reno.