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Nursing Home Reno NV

Staying in the comfort zone is the most comfortable during old age, but sometimes, due to each family member’s busy schedules, no one can look after a senior. The best option is to bring them to a nursing home and let a caregiver do the responsibilities they failed to give to their loved ones. Nursing Home Reno NV is offering a quality service.

A nursing home is a facility designed for elders, injured, and disabled individuals who cannot care for themselves and no one among family members can take charge of the task. Taking care of an individual who has a mobility problem and weakness is also a challenging task. Carrying an adult is much heavier than carrying a baby. It simply means that taking care of a child is more convenient than an elder.

Nursing Home Reno NV hired professional and skilled caregivers to provide excellent services. They undergo several pieces of training to make sure quality of service. Our goal is to give satisfaction to both the patient and relatives as well.

Nursing home care Reno

Caregivers are rendering service the whole day. The patient woke up in the morning up to the time they sleep at night and even until they rest in shifting schedules to ensure safety and security and provide a high medical care level.

Once the patient woke up, they will encourage them to sit and do morning care to prepare for eating breakfast. While waiting for the food for breakfast, bed makings, and linens changing is an everyday routine. After breakfast, next is to assist the patient in taking maintenance medicines and supplements. They are then followed by taking a shower with personal care and maintain good hygiene and physical grooming that includes tooth brushing, dressing, combing hairs, putting lotions on, cutting toes and fingernails, cleaning the ears, and other more. After bathing, they choose to stay in the activity room to do some energizing activities. Most of the time, our team prepares lite exercise or games for the elders. If they want to watch TV, there is an entertainment room as well. We also provide spiritual counseling and recreational activities.

Our nutritionist prepares the food and meets the nutrition, and they need to consider their health status and religious belief. For example, a diabetic patient should have a low sugar meal, and a Muslim should not have pork meals.

In the afternoon, they can walk around outside the facility to relax in a good ambiance. There are shady trees with tables and chairs where they can exchange stories or do some activities, a perfect time to meet and make new friends who are patients too. Visitors are always welcome at a scheduled time every day. They can bring food or something for the patient and share.

There is a scheduled day for doctors to assess and evaluate a patient. A doctor follows a care plan. If there are any changes, they will let the service provider change the set arrangement and see that their condition will improve, especially those from hospitalization and aims to recover.

Nursing home costs will depend on the stay of a patient. A charge will be all the things that a patient used, like diapers, underpads, or other necessities, room rate every day, and a doctor’s fee will be additional.


Nursing Home Reno NV offers free assessment for your loved ones. To care beyond your expectation is our top priority. Hurry and contact us with our hotline number for more questions and inquiries. You can also visit us personally to explain further.