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Benefits of Relaxation Yoga in Reno

Relaxation yoga is a gentle, slow, still form of yoga that consists of a series of restful poses with long, passive holds. Props are often used by yogis to improve or deepen their experience and achieve complete relaxation and release. Essential oils, touch assistance, guided meditation, and calming music are all common relaxation therapy and can be combined while practicing in relaxation yoga classes. They are a fantastic healing tool for those recovering from stressful days or experiences most especially for elders and can also be helpful to those recovering from illness or injury, also due to physical changes as they age. Reno yoga relaxation is a big help for seniors because it can help their body to relax and become physically fit.

A rejuvenating relaxation yoga class can help your aging loved ones of all levels. It is one of the most effective ways to deal with a fast-paced, stressful lifestyle off the mat. Restorative yoga helps to bring the mind and body into harmony, alleviate stress and anxiety, boost the immune system, stretch deep in their subconscious, and connect further to yourself, increase flexibility, and prepare the body for meditation. Are those enough to motivate you to get on your mat?

Yoga classes are available here at Relaxation Yoga in Reno. A wide variety of different yoga types are offered, each with its unique flavor. Yoga classes work like relaxation therapy and a very ideal way to de-stress, reset, and simply connect with your inner self, in addition to more mellow offerings like Gentle Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Urban Zen that will greatly help your elders. Seniors are welcome to try any yoga for relaxation or health and dietary purposes or just simply for fun cause our yoga classes are always enjoyable. Our long and slower style of teaching relaxation yoga in Reno gives your aging loved ones plenty of time to discover new things about yoga and themselves.

With the help of our professional teachers, elders can relax comfortably as the body is fully assisted in longer yoga poses. Our studio for Relaxation Yoga promotes deep relaxation by allowing you to hold poses for longer periods with the assistance of props.

The main goal of relaxation yoga is to act as a relaxation therapy for your elders by achieving achieve physical, mental, and emotional relaxation by performing relaxing in poses with the aid of props and without pressure or discomfort. Restorative yoga classes are slow-paced and calming. Props, like blocks, bolsters, blankets, and straps are used so that you are supported in your pose comfortably. You will then hold the pose for an extended period. This practice is excellent for balancing an active yoga or gym schedule by giving yourself a break when you feel under the weather.

When we relax into poses, our parasympathetic nervous system is activated, which induces a relaxation response and decreases tension in our bodies. The parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for several functions, including reducing the heart rate and breathing and increasing blood flow to your vital organs. Your elder can experience a feeling of motionlessness and shapelessness when practicing restorative yoga, which can contribute to emotional distress and vulnerability. Keep with the air and let it move if this happens.


Relaxation Yoga in Reno does not simply offer an exercise, but it offers an experience to feel calmness from within, a chance to feel a peaceful mind and body, a chance to take a break from this chaotic life your elders are all living and taste a breath of relief, so they can continue living and fighting every day – so what are you waiting for? Come and let your aging loved ones join us to our next class, it will only cost you a mat.