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The Helping Hand - Respite Reno

We know that your loved ones are the primary source of your motivation, love, and they are all ears for you when you have problems. And when they get sick, we are the ones who take care of them. Yet, what if one of your loved ones has debilitated disease, resulting in that you would wholly take the responsibility to look after and aid that person. Now, there are lingering questions for this situation - would you be 100% for that person to care, guide, and protect round the clock without having any breather? And would you be receptive enough when that person got irritated by trivial things while you were becoming physically, mentally, and emotionally drained? The last is would you need somebody to take charge for a while for you to recuperate? The slap of reality is - indeed, you need a breather for some time. With this event, Respite Care Reno can be beneficial for you.

Respite Care

There are various names associated with respite care like temporary placement, transit care, respite services, temporary help, and to name a few. It is a particular name for a brief break for caregivers. Respite Care Reno can help you because you need the time for yourself to recharge your battery and do your personal needs. Respite care can be in your home, in specific day-care facilities, and in residential facilities that offer overnight stay.

You can take a breather as long or as short as you desire. Respite treatment can be scheduled for a few hours, a day, a few days, or a few weeks.

The Need for Respite Care

A person who is severely ill or incapacitated may need 24/7 care. Caregivers need the opportunity to unwind, go on holiday, shop, go to engagements, work, or exercise. If you are the primary person caring for your loved one who suffers from one of the following conditions, respite treatment might be appropriate.

  • Cancer
  • A traumatic brain injury
  • Dementia, also known as Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Heart attract
  • Blindness

Respite Services

Respite Care Reno provides a secure and supportive environment for your loved one while you take your break. Our Respite Carers in Reno NV, are fully equipped with comprehensive training programs to sit and talk with a disabled or sick person. Our professional staff can be of assistance to your oned one like: bathing, putting on clothes, and help drink or eat, medications that should be taken, work out, take advantage of the great outdoors, and getting into and out of bed.

Community respite care is also an option. Assisted-living facilities, adult day care centers, and community centers are popular places for this.

Home-based respite treatment

Home-based respite care aides can provide companions for sick or older adults. They keep them company while also ensuring that they do not harm themselves.

Respite care facilities

Assisted living facilities are identical to apartment complexes for seniors who are incapable of living autonomously. Some, yet, offer short-term respite care services. It is known as residential respite care or short-term assisted living.

Short-term assisted living empowers you to go on vacation for a few weeks while your loved one is safe and happy in an apartment, bed, or suite. Our Respite Carers in Reno NV are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide care.


If an older adult or sick person is confined to their home all of the time, they feel lonely. Caregivers also feel identical too. For both of you, Respite Carer Reno can be the welcome break that you need.