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Exceptional Choice For Senior Living in Reno NV

Enjoy the freedom of retirement alive with conveniences and the comfort of Assisted Living in Reno Elder Care & Retirement Center. Our friendly and caring staff are always prepared to assist you with anything which you may need at this tender age.
Reno Elder Care provides two beautifully-designed, mature living apartment floor plans. You're welcome to choose any room subject to availability. Both have private baths and include a closet and dresser area, although the one-floor program is a little smaller than another.

Fewer Worries

Residents never need to consider mowing your lawn in the summer sun or the fall combating with the winter ice and snow in the driveway or raking piles of leaves or keeping up the yard. Many seniors struggle with simple problems of home maintenance, like redoing the roof, unblocking a drain, or fixing the stove. Communities such as ours are meant for you to rest, saving you from any undesirable hit when your furnace isn't working and save you from the stress.


Another beautiful thing about living in a community would be the services. Many provide programs such as education for seniors and fitness courses. Also, most have personal care providers and on-site emergencies. You can discover that with so many opportunities near home, you can be free to be yourself at our senior care Reno Nv.

Sense of Community

The mental, physical, and emotional benefits of remaining active in your aged years are immense. The seniors who live an active life continue to live longer and have immune systems.
You'll have an integrated community and a lot of chances for interaction—senior living in Reno Nv facilities provide an opportunity to interact with other residents with numerous activities.


Retirement communities are mostly gated, and many employ security personnel. If you are touring, whether it concerns the children, you will know your house is safe while you are gone.
Many seniors decide to move into a retirement community even if they are in good health. Just because you're relatively young doesn't indicate that you can't look at senior living in Reno NV.
When you undergo a change in health and need a higher standard of therapy, you are not going to have to abandon the culture which you have learned. You're likely to Have the Ability to reside with the friends you've made and the employees you can bond with at our facility for senior living in Reno.


Everyone enjoys a fantastic game of bingo, and here at Reno Elder Care, we are no exception. We organize bingo games three times per week. Come and join our Penny Bingo to a Friday and see if Lady Luck is on your way.

Arts & Crafts

Residents of our assisted living in Reno NV can have a go at a selection of arts and crafts in Reno Elder Care, such as painting, drawing, and coloring books, etc..


Gardening is a pastime for a lot of our inhabitants. Come and join us and rediscover your green fingers.

Book Club

Enjoy reading, and want to discuss your own thoughts? If this is so, you can join our residents' book team. We discuss and read novels in a group.

Resident Councils

If you'd like to play a larger role in just how Reno Elder Care operates, join the Residents' Council and have a say in what we do. Each month our scheduled Resident Council meets are scheduled. Let us know if you'd like to volunteer at any of our events at assisted living in reno.

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Our memory care areas offer care staffing and specific lifestyle enrichment activities that meet your loved ones

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